Nyan Cat played by an orchestra


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Should I ever decide to get a daughter, this is who she will be trained into.

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We are two lovers separated by time & space.

We are two lovers separated by time & space.

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Fuck yeah.

Fuck yeah.

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Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and the other person is right.

It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.


Wise words, from the internet.

Laced with pepper

Feeling really really really terrible today.

A little something that was left unfixed yesterday and it sort of snowballed today and made me feel guilty. 

I wished the gf was here today, she would know what to say to me. Her sister is coming here today on a short trip, but she isn’t coming with them.

Mother wants to paint the living room today. And I’m not in the mood but they keep insisting I do it with them. Worst reason from my father on why I need to help them paint:

"Because, as someone living here for free…"

Once again, money talks. Whatever happened to answers like, “Because this is our home?” or “It’s a family activity?” 

I just shut up and walked away. Going to let this one pass. I will not be angered.

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I’m gonna cut holes in all my jars to make them barf.

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Love this idea so very much. 

An army horror film I worked on that needs more LIKES on its Facebook page. Do support it as more teasers, videos and goodies will appear.



Japanese Table and Chairs in a Box.


Japanese Table and Chairs in a Box.

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Happy birthday

…to me. I’m 24 years old now. 

I shudder at the thought of getting older. 

Anyway, the gf is in town and she bought me a lovely watch as a present and made an incredible 73 page scrapbook of photos (specifically hearts all around shops in malaysia) she has taken and also written little words of affection. It’s entitled the “love project”, and it really really touched me. 

Looks like she has +1 up my handmade wooden star craving for her. 

We also went to USS yesterday. Spent the whole day and was very very satisfied. My favorite ride is definitely The Mummy’s. 

Didn’t take the 2 Battlestar coasters because the gf is afraid of sudden drops (in fact the Mummy was already pushing it for her, but she did so anyway because I wanted to). I love this girl. 

Didn’t bring my DSLR to USS, so all the iphone photos will go up my facebook. 

Going down to workplace later to watch a screening, then probably heading down to IKEA for some furniture shopping with the gf, before meeting the besties for their surprise celebration for me. I have no clue what they are up to, and I hope it’s good. 

Who am I kidding? Their stuff is always good. 

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